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Useful Information about Prospero

Prospero® allows you to create intuitive, accurate, boardroom-quality reports directly from your General Ledger using sophisticated charts and graphs to visually analyze your organization’s performance – and without IT assistance. With Prospero you can leverage a built-in report management system to enable secure access to data for key stakeholders and broader visibility of the data across the organization. Most importantly, Prospero lets you take advantage of many maintenance-saving tools which enable you to create new reports quickly by simply by changing report elements or dates.



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The MSX Group keeps you up-to-date with the latest in downloadable Prospero files. Check this location or contact your MSX Support Representative for important product information, updates and upgrades.

Install Local Help File Update

    To install the Prospero Local Help file to your machine, close your Prospero client application and click on the button below.
    Use the following steps:
    1.   In the Windows Internet Explorer pop-up, select the “Save As” option and a location on your PC.  You will see a message that the file is downloading to your system.
    2.   Once your file has downloaded, select the zip file and right-click to “Extract All”.
    3. Select a location for the file to extract to.
    4. After the file has been extracted, select the file and using the right-click mouse commands select “Copy”.
    5.   Navigate to the directory in which Prospero is installed on your local machine.
    6.   Right-click in that directory and select “Paste”.  When prompted, replace the file in the destination location.
    If you are prompted for Administrator rights to the folder you may select “Continue” or contact your Computer Systems Administrator for assistance in copying the file to the appropriate location.


If you have any issue viewing the internal contents of the Help file, you may need to select the “Unblock” option on the Help file’s File Properties.  To access the Help file’s File Properties, right-click on the file.  Select the “Properties” option.  In the section, “Security”, select the “Unblock” button.  Perform this step before attempting to move the local Help file to the Prospero directory.

 Download Local Help File

    Install or Update Prospero Middle Tier

      1. To install the Prospero Middle Tier to your server, click on the appropriate button below.
    • Prospero Release Notes
     Download 32-bit Prospero Middle Tier Installer  Download 64-bit Prospero Middle Tier Installer


    The MSX Group is committed to offering the best and most affordable support options for Prospero. Our team of a seasoned professionals each have over 10 years experience at various financial and accounting firms, as well as at FRx and Microsoft Corporation. And, as part of the design and development process of Prospero, they are product experts with real-time knowledge.

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    The MSX Group delivers Prospero training using an ERP system independent curriculum, and is designed to enable accountants and finance professionals to take control of their financial reporting needs. All training courses are led by MSX Group Certified Instructors, who bring many years of financial systems and report design experience to the classroom.

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    Prospero User Manual