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Prospero® is our fully-integrated financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analysis solution. With Prospero, you can create boardroom-quality reports, charts and graphs and sophisticated budget and forecast plans – without IT assistance. Prospero’s interchangeable building block elements and maintenance-saving tools allow you to create new reports or budgets as simply as changing the date. Leverage Prospero’s built-in management system to ensure secure access to data for key stakeholders – while still delivering broader visibility of data across your organization.

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Key Highlights

Prospero reduces maintenance and effort in designing and running your reports and budget plans:

  • Reusable line and column elements will have you creating accurate reports and budgets in a few simple steps.
  • Since both reports and budgets use the same component elements, users have less setup, a shorter learning curve, and lower maintenance!
  • Prospero uses the familiar Microsoft® application interface, simplifying the user learning process.
Prospero stores your data in a central location giving you greater control of who sees what:

  • Prospero gives control to your organization’s key stakeholders, so reports and budgets are designed without direct IT involvement.
  • “Drill down” into all financial dimensions on reports, charts or budgets for in-depth insight into your business.
  • You define access rights directly within Prospero to control who sees your data!
Prospero allows you to analyze and understand your financial data, no matter how much data you work with.

Prospero processes large amounts of data fast so you can see your organization’s consolidations sooner and slice-and-dice financial information in more robust ways.

Prospero’s straightforward implementation means you are writing reports, developing budgets, and analyzing your data in a shorter period of time.

Prospero supports operating systems from Windows 7 through Windows 10 – as well as mixed 32-bit and 64-bit environments – to allow growth within your organization and utilize IT investments you’ve already made.

And, Prospero integrates with a wide variety of General Ledgers, giving you real-time access to your company’s critical data.



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