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The MSX Group provides finance and accounting professionals with flexible training options for Microsoft FRx, Management Reporter and MSX Group Prospero®. We offer a variety of delivery methods including onsite and remote classes, self-paced learning modules, 1-hour webinars, and client-oriented, customized training sessions.

Our instructors have significant product experience, having presided over hundreds of implementations and thousands of students trained.


For more on the benefits and options provided by MSX Group training:


  • Save time and streamlining your financial reporting and planning processes.
  • Quickly create scenario plans and analyze existing data to provide valuable organization-wide insight.
  • Eliminate errors in the financial reporting and budgeting processes.
  • Save money by investing in your best asset: human capital.
  • Gain CPE credit.
Online/Virtual Courses

The majority of MSX Training classes are offered in a virtual environment. Online classes are conducted with the same curriculum and instructors as in our traditional classrooms. MSX Group 6 hour classes run from 11:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time and are capped at a maximum number of students to ensure a quality learning experience.

Customized Training

The MSX Group offers training for individual companies or groups that is customized to fit your specific financial reporting and planning requirements.

  • These classes can be delivered either onsite or remotely.
  • Ideal for multiple users and may include training and setup for financial reporting and budgeting.
  • Please contact Services@MSXGroup.comfor more information.

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