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About the MSX Group

Simplifying Budgeting, Financial Reporting & Analysis

The MSX Group is an independent consulting, support and software company that specializes in providing comprehensive services on budgeting, planning and financial reporting solutions. We offer a full range of training, consulting and support services for Microsoft Forecaster, Microsoft FRx and Microsoft Management Reporter – as well as for our latest financial reporting and budgeting solution: Prospero®

The MSX Group is your resource for best-in-class Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution services. Our mission is to help organizations make better decisions by accelerating their use of software that helps individuals more effectively plan, measure and analyze their critical financial and operational metrics. The MSX Group helps you maximize your current CPM investments or evaluate and implement better alternatives. We will save you time, money and reduce risk by leveraging our years of experience, knowledge and research. Our sole focus is CPM and our sole intention is to fine-tune the best solution to your specific needs. We’re confident our track record of hundreds of successful implementations over many years proves that we can deliver results for your organization.


The Company

The MSX Group was founded by members of Microsoft’s FRx, Forecaster and BI Global Practices consulting, product development, product testing and support teams. Our core specialty and company focus is budgeting, financial reporting and analysis. We offer a complete menu of presales, consulting, training and support that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers and partners. We provide services such as software integration, training, and technical writing. The MSX Group has offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia and New Jersey.


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