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Software Support

We all realize that at some point, we’ll encounter an issue with a critical software application. At such times, we all want someone who we can easily communicate with, who is friendly and knowledgeable, and who can quickly understand the problem to fix the issue fast. We want quality customer service without screeners and different ‘tiers’ of support…in short, Support Professionals.

Here at the MSX Group, our Support Team is the most experienced group of Support Engineers available when it comes to FRx®, Forecaster®, and MSX Group Prospero®.

Thousands of users rely on these products as their financial reporting and budgeting solutions and the MSX Group continues to set the standard for Software Support for these applications. We hope you’ll trust us with your ongoing FRx, Forecaster, and Prospero Software Support needs!


Support Options by Product

MSX Group Support is available from 7:30am to 5:00 pm (Mountain Time) Monday to Friday, providing support via telephone, email and remote desktop software.

  • From start to finish, you will work with a Support Engineer so your questions are answered quickly.
  • 100% US-based support engineers.
  • Email or Call Us | Support@MSXGroup.com | (877) 456-7632

The MSX Group is fully committed to providing your organization with a quality support experience.

Supported Products

Microsoft FRx

FRx works with many General Ledger systems, and so do our MSX Group Support Engineers and staff! If you have questions about whether FRx will continue to meet your Financial Reporting needs, call us or click the link below and we will answer your questions. We’re not tied to a specific ERP or General Ledger provider so we will give you an objective answer.

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Microsoft Forecaster

Our Forecaster support team has worked with Forecaster since the product’s beginning. In fact, the original software architect who created and maintained Forecaster for over 14 years is on our team. If you are encountering a problem with Forecaster and we cannot figure it out… no one can!

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MSX Group Prospero

We’re the creators of Prospero – the future of financial reporting – and can offer you unparalleled expertise on the product! Our team of experts is committed to offering the best and most convenient support options.

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Support Plans

MSX Group is the only company offering full support plans for Microsoft FRx, Microsoft Forecaster and Prospero. Our cost effective plans help to ensure that you get the most out of your software investment.

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The MSX Group Support Team offers you the highest degree of support: We are the original support team for FRx and Forecaster from FRx Software and Microsoft and we are fully committed to providing the best and most affordable Support options with the same high-quality support and service you expect.

Are you ready to learn more about our support plans?

Email us to have one of our client service representatives schedule a time to speak with you, or call us at (877) 456-7632.