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Microsoft Management Reporter

Microsoft Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an application designed for high volume, presentation quality, financial reporting. Created for accountants by accountants, Management Reporter empowers finance professionals to create board room reports, such as balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements.

Management Reporter is available for Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers only. It provides a more powerful infrastructure and user interface than Microsoft FRx®. New features present a new level of financial reporting and analysis to the users who currently utilize and trust the powerful framework that previous Microsoft FRx versions provided.


New Features

Improved User Interface and Administration

  • Undo/Redo – undo a mistake or redo a change using one of the most requested features demanded by Microsoft FRx users.
  • Associations – save time and eliminate confusion by quickly evaluating which building blocks are associated with each report definition.
  • Building Block Organization – maintain and secure Row, Column, Reporting Trees, and Report Definitions into folders by type, function, category or user.
  • Report Library – view all reports in a centralized storage facility organized with folders and optional security.
  • New User Interface
    • Toolbars – use Windows toolbars that contain familiar icons from Microsoft applications.
    • Navigation Pane – build reports and navigate through the application using a docked and customizable navigation pane.
    • Theme –standardize the look and feel of the user experience by having Management Reporter follow the visual elements determined by the current Microsoft Windows theme.
  • Hide/Unhide – tailor your workspace by hiding columns in the Row, Column, and Reporting Tree definitions while working on a specific section of a report.
  • Report Groups – group daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to generate consecutively with one push of a button.
  • Generate Unsaved Reports – run a report instantly to verify if formatted output is desirable.

Enhanced Presentation Qualities

  • Column Page Breaks – distribute presentation quality reports by determining column and page breaks, providing total control over the output of the report.
  • Insert Graphics – personalize financial reports for board room presentation by inserting company logos or images into headers and footers.
  • Fonts – use your own font styles or default Windows fonts and sizes to modify reports.
  • Negative Numbers in Red – highlight key metrics that are underperforming by simply selecting a specific formatting option.
  • Format Overrides in Rows – customize numerical displays by using a form that creates format masks automatically.
  • Page Order – direct printed report data by modifying page option settings to change the order of data moving down and across the page.
  • Custom Page Numbering – start reports at any page number for easier organization and inclusion into the company’s comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and yearly report books.

Improved Analytical Capabilities

  • Complex Filtering in Row, Column and Reporting Tree Definitions – use new, more flexible dialog to filter on multiple dimensions consistently across all building blocks.
  • Native Dimension Support – create reports instantly with all dimensions and members without having to step through a wizard.
  • XBRL – access more information for filing with the most recent XBRL US GAAP 2009 standards including dimension support, properties, references, and the ability to add notes and footnotes to instance documents.
  • General Ledger Trees – utilize trees stored in the host General Ledger system for reporting.

Application Integrity

  • SQL Server –tightly integrated with Microsoft SQL Server for centralized database storage and processing features, delivering improved performance and stability, and an enhanced multi user experience.
  • Improved Architecture and Codebase – developed using .Net/C# to include enhanced globalization and location support, and native 64 bit support.
  • Multi-tiered architecture with server side processing –generate reports using server resources which dramatically improves performance and frees up workstation resources while reports are processing.
  • Security – protect and lock companies, reports, and building blocks with user, role, and group security supporting Windows authentication.
  • Checked Out Items – manage users in the system and view what building blocks are checked out and available for modification.
  • Accessibility Standards – gain compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Validation –confirm formulas have the correct syntax during the save process.
  • Report Queue Status – view the status of a queued report and the history of generated reports.