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Microsoft FRx Training

Microsoft FRx is designed for high volume, presentation quality financial reporting. FRx has been sold along with many mid-market ERP systems beginning in the early 1990’s and it is estimated there are as many as 100,000 sites still using FRx today. The MSX Group delivers FRx training using the Microsoft curriculum which is ERP system independent and is designed to enable accountants and finance professionals to gain complete control of their financial reporting. All training courses are led by MSX Group Certified Instructors, who each bring many years of report design experience into the classroom.

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MSX Group training classes are primarily offered in the virtual classroom. However, onsite training can be requested. Students can request a certificate of completion that may be submitted for CPE credit.


Microsoft FRx Financial Report Building Basics
Audience: This FRx training course is ideal for:

  • New Users and Consultants
  • Experienced users who want to increase their report design efficiency
  • Users who are new to a company and have inherited an existing suite of FRx reports

Training Environment:
This course is primarily offered as an online virtual training course. An MSX Group Certified Instructor will lead the class. Attendees will be able to view the instructor’s screen while simultaneously working in their own, locally installed training environment. Classes may be conducted using GoToMeeting for screen sharing to allow attendees to view the instructor’s screen.

This class can also be conducted live at your office or another designated site – Contact training@msxgroup.com to inquire about private classes.

Class Length: 6 hours

Course Description:
This hands-on training course utilizes a scenario-based approach to learning Microsoft FRx. The class is based on the Microsoft Essentials I curriculum, but in abbreviated form, designed to provide maximum instruction without a large time commitment. The course provides a strong basis, working through multiple exercises to walk students through the process of creating new financial reports from scratch. In addition, attendees will become comfortable working with and modifying existing reports and building blocks including reporting trees. Taught from a best practices perspective, the class provides everything a new user needs to become confident and competent building and working with reports in FRx.