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Prospero Overview

Prospero is a purpose-built, multi-dimensional financial reporting and budgeting solution that will increase the power and productivity of your accounting system. By allowing you to quickly create and design sophisticated financial reports and budgets – using information directly from your General Ledger – Prospero not only simplifies, but enhances, your organization’s reporting, budgeting, forecasting and data analysis capabilities.

Robust, graphical reporting formats can be created and re-used using specific management reporting hierarchies that you have the power to define. Any report can be viewed, printed, or exported to Word, PDF or Excel. Budgets and forecasts can be re-used from year to year as simply as changing the date on your input definition.


Budgeting and reporting activities are further enhanced by Prospero’s powerful ability to “Drill-Down” to the underlying data, providing clear and concise financial information traceability.

Best of all, getting up and running with Prospero’s financial reporting and budgeting is quick and easy: Prospero is based on Microsoft® application structures and conventions – menus, ribbons, tabs – making navigation familiar to Microsoft Office® and other Microsoft® product users. With Prospero, you’ll be quickly creating sophisticated and reusable reports, budgets and forecasts.


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