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Building Block Elements

Building Blocks – Columns, Lines and Trees – in Prospero are the basic elements to help you rapidly create robust and comprehensive financial reports or comples budgets for your organization’s stakeholders.

For more about Prospero’s powerful Building Block Elements, take a look at our features below:


Lines are used to define the format structure of your report or budget and can contain items such as descriptive rows, totals / calculations, or General Ledger accounts.

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Columns define the items that go across your reports or budgets. Columns can contain any valid segment information or period in your organization’s logical structure.

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Trees are one of the most powerful elements in Prospero and are used to define automatic totals (or summary items) for groups of items within your segments.

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Prospero’s reusable Building Block Elements make it possible to create an unlimited number of reports or budgets using different combinations and configurations of these same components.


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