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Budgeting and Forecasting

Prospero® Budgeting is our robust next-generation budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis solution, predicated on our powerful Prospero Reporting application and utilizing the same powerful Building Blocks.

We deliver a comprehensive, feature-rich budgeting solution that is straightforward for administrators to learn and manage to have you analyzing your organization’s data and developing complex budget plans quickly and easily.

Prospero Budgeting reduces development time and maintenance of your budgets:

  • Like reports, users leverage the same Building Blocks for creating Budget Input Definitions.
  • Prospero uses Input definition screens similar to Reporting, making it easier for administrators to learn and manage the system
  • Prospero uses the familiar Microsoft┬« application interface to further simplify the user learning process.
Prospero Budgeting delivers a robust feature set to analyze your company’s budgets:

  • Flexible and powerful Human Resources planning capabilities include options for enhanced management of planned compensation rates, benefits and taxes
  • The Input screen provides features such as full, robust calculations, the powerful Line Definition “Expand” feature, and drill-down capabilities for in-depth insight into your business
  • Input screens support full formatting, colors, fonts, and annotations for developing and maintaining a dialogue as the budget is developed.
Prospero Budgeting allows you to analyze and understand your financial data, no matter how much data you work with. Fully integrated with your General Ledger and Prospero Reporting, you’ll be able to quickly organize and analyze your company’s financial information.

Also, Prospero allows you to bring in data from other sources – such as your existing Microsoft Forecaster implementation or Excel – streamlining your setup, processing, and maintenance.

Best of all, with Prospero Budgeting, you can feel confident and secure in migrating from Microsoft Forecaster or other budgeting solutions when the time is right for your organization.

As members of the original Forecaster and FRx development, consulting and support teams, we’ve designed Prospero Budgeting with an understanding of your current software investment. Our extensive FRx, Forecaster and Management Reporter experience, makes us uniquely qualified to help you navigate the challenges of replacing your budgeting and analysis software option.

We offer on-going support for Forecaster, making your transition to Prospero Budgeting seamless and painless.


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