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Microsoft Forecaster: Now and in the Future

Product Summary and Advantages
Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 is a powerful, flexible, feature-rich tool for helping businesses forecast, plan and analyze their operations while solving the problems, pains and inefficiencies found with using spreadsheets in the budgeting and reporting process. A recent Microsoft announcement stated that after May 1, 2017, new first-time purchasers of Microsoft Dynamics GP will not be able to purchase Forecaster licenses. Nevertheless, existing Forecaster installations will continue to work for years to come. In addition, Microsoft has included Forecaster with all Microsoft Dynamics Perpetual licenses (AX, GP, NAV, and SL) for years now, so you may already own it! If you have a Microsoft Dynamics Perpetual license and have not yet implemented Forecaster, now is a perfect time to do so.

Product Support and Roadmap
Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 was released in 2007 and there have subsequently been five service packs for it, the last of which was released in 2013. Microsoft’s extended support policy will continue to cover Forecaster 7.0 through at least 2023 (based on the Dynamics version with which you received it). MSX Group currently supports thousands of Forecaster users, even many who are still using the older Forecaster 6.7 version (which hasn’t been sold or service packed since 2006) and that version still works today. The MSX Group consists of many team members from the original Forecaster, FRx and Management Reporter consulting, development, QA and support teams, with over 18 years of experience. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding product knowledge and service to meet your current and future needs.

We routinely test Forecaster 7.0 successfully with the latest Operating Systems and SQL Server versions, including Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and the soon-to-be-released SQL Server 2016. We will continue to support Forecaster (as well as FRx and Management Reporter) beyond the Microsoft extended support dates. In addition, MSX Group’s own Prospero financial reporting product will have a budgeting module available in late 2016, complete with an upgrade and migration path from Microsoft Forecaster.

MSX Group continues to be the only company offering Annual Support plans for Forecaster. Our Forecaster Support Team members have a minimum of 15 years of experience with Forecaster. When combined with our world class training and services offerings, we are your number one resource for Forecaster. Contact us to learn more about all of our product and service offerings.