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Why Prospero?

The Prospero® Solution for Budgeting & Financial Reporting

Concerned about the longevity of your current software solution, but still have significant hardware investments?
Not a problem! At the MSX Group, we’ve designed Prospero to take advantage of the latest technologies, platforms, and operating systems, while continuing to recognize the realities of our client’s budget and environment. Prospero is compatible with a range of platforms and operating systems, allowing you to leverage your current hardware and software investments. Expect Prospero to deliver ongoing enhancements and an up-to-date, industry-standard solution – now and in the future.

Tired of complicated and time-consuming installations?
Installing Prospero is a well-developed and straightforward process which can usually be completed in a day. We provide a variety of time-saving tools for client and server installation, database configuration, as well as robust Management Reporter and FRx conversion utilities. With Prospero, we’ll have you rapidly developing your reports and budgets to analyze your company’s data fast!

Worried about the security of your data?
Prospero’s robust security puts you in control of who can see your data, budgets, and reports, as well as what functions users can perform. With Prospero, you can utilize either our out-of-the-box, best-practices user roles or develop your own. And setting up of new users a breeze: you – not IT – add and customize your users and their permissions, allowing you to manage the level of control your organization requires.

Is reporting a pain? Budgeting a bore?
Prospero provides you with a fully-integrated budgeting and reporting solution with re-usable and interchangeable elements. Both budgets and reports use the same building blocks so creating a new report or rolling a budget forward is as simple as changing a date. With  Prospero you can customize budgets or reports based on your, company, department, or location requirements. And, printing your budget, report, chart or graph directly to a printer, Excel, or PDF is fast and easy. No complicated or ambiguous reporting queue processes required here!

Is your Human Resources Budgeting Setup too complicated?
Prospero Budgeting delivers sophisticated, yet intuitive, Human Resources budgeting and forecasting capabilities. Establish your HR budgeting based on headcount, FTE, or both; Define and apply HR benefits based on your organization’s processes – even for part-time employees; Add, remove, or move employees between departments easily using a few simple steps; Reallocate cost-centers to new or multiple accounts quickly. With Prospero, we make the most complicated HR scenarios manageable.

Need to access non-GL data?
Prospero integrates directly with your General Ledger (Microsoft® GP and a host of others), providing you with a variety of tools and application functions so you can use non-GL (i.e. statistical) data for your budgeting and reporting. Prospero lets you pull in data from Excel or other data sources quickly and easily.

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