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Why MSX Group?

Organizations need accurate, timely, and meaningful information to make intelligent business decisions. The MSX Group offers customized solutions to fit your business!

Let our team of experienced Microsoft® Forecaster®, FRx®, Management Reporter® and MSX Group Prospero® professionals help you meet your organization’s budgeting, financial reporting, implementation, training, and support needs.

Consulting Services
The MSX Group offers the industry’s most knowledgeable Management Reporter, Forecaster, FRx and Prospero consulting. We provide installation and configuration, and our professional team can guide you through the entire process for report building and budget setup.
Software Support
The MSX Group Support Team will preserve your software investment and save you time and money. We’re the original FRx and Microsoft Corporation support team and we continue to provide the best high-quality, affordable support for FRx, Forecaster and Prospero.
Our classes are designed to quickly provide you with the knowledge to manage your reporting and budgeting processes. MSX Group certified instructors have trained thousands of students and we
have the experience to help you maximize your investment.

The future of budgeting and financial reporting is here! With Prospero, the MSX Group’s premier, integrated system, you will quickly create budgets and forecasts as well as intuitive, accurate, boardroom-quality reports, charts and graphs to visually analyze your organization’s performance – all without IT assistance!

Prospero allows you to create new reports quickly and easily, as well as re-use your existing Management Reporter and FRx reports! And, when integrated with your General Ledger, you can automatically pull your organization’s calendar, chart of accounts, and segment structures right from your GL.

For more information about Prospero or to schedule a demo, contact us at 1-(877)-456-7632 or email the MSX Group at Prospero@msxgroup.com.


The MSX Group was founded by former members of the Microsoft Corporation’s FRx, Forecaster, and BI Global Practices teams.
For over two decades, our entire focus has been on financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis.

For more information, contact us at info@msxgroup.com.