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Users Forum 2014 Microsoft FRx Q&A

Forecaster, FRx, Management Reporter 2014

This document contains the questions we received during this year’s FRx User Group Forum. If any of the questions below are not adequately explained, please contact us for clarification via email at Info@MSXGroup.com.

You can also download a PDF version of this information: 2014 FRx Forum Questions.

Questions Asked by Attendees


One of our biggest problems is keeping multiple row formats updated with GL changes. Are there any tools to manage this?

You can use account ranges and wildcards to efficiently define groupings of accounts. Using this method, it’s helpful to have your GL clearly numbered and account sets in FRx can be used. Additionally, in Management Reporter, you can use account categories defined in GL (like GP) to use the same accounts sets. However, these are named dimension value sets in Management Reporter.

I don't understand what you were demonstrating with the three extra columns BASE-11, BASE-10, etc? Please clarify this example.

BASE refers to the current period. Defining one column with BASE and eleven others with BASE-1, BASE-2…BASE-11 will give you a rolling twelve months in your report.

Does selecting display zero rows in a catalogue override the row format XO setting?

The individual row print control will override the catalog default setting.

Can you still use the drill down feature if you change the output to Excel?

Yes, with the Excel Output or Export you can see all three detail levels: Financial, Account & Transaction.

Can you change the parameters for a year from a calendar year to a fiscal year?

Yes, you just need to define the exact periods and years you want using the BASE concept. Or, you can hard code the periods and years – like 2014 for year instead of base or Period 12. However, you will want to stay away from hard-coding years and periods since BASE concepts are more dynamic and require little-to-no maintenance.

What version FRx is being demonstrated? I don't think earlier version had transaction detail available?

We are demonstrating using the latest FRx release which is FRx 6.7 Service Pack 12 and all prior versions of FRx do have transaction detail as well. However, this also depends on what information is stored in the GL. You can refer to the FRx Online Help for information on transaction attributes in column layouts.

Will you demo using Excel sources in a report?

We provide as an example of linking to Excel in the Intermediate II Session. You can view that session on our Forum website or please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com for more information.

How about Row Modifiers?

We will see Row Modifiers used in the Cash Flow Report in the Intermediate II Session. You can view that session on our Forum website or contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com.

What is the column G in the row format?

This column is used for sorting data on a report, and, for conditional printing to only have that row print in certain columns. Online Help within FRx also has helpful detail on this field.

You mentioned that there is a way to suppress roll up. I'm having an issue with this. Is there some place where I can find more info on suppressing roll up?

We at the MSX Group are always happy to help you with specific issues or questions. We often can offer you a remote, 1-hour, one-on-one complimentary discussion to help understand and resolve your issue. Please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com for more details.

Would the row modifier work to display external worksheet data in the same column as GL/budget data or is column placement needed?

Row modifiers only work with data from the GL. External worksheet data (such as Excel data) can also be brought into reports with many options – like Monthly Excel balance or YTD. For more information on the Excel link and FRx to MR migration, please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com.

Can you go into a bit more depth on % rollups in a Tree?

The rollup % is used where you have partial ownership of a company and only want a certain percentage of the figures to rollup to summary unit or consolidated report. For example, in a Tree we may have company A (wholly owned) and company B (say 40% owned). By default, 100% of the balances (revenues/expenses/balance sheet) will rollup to the summary unit. However, you can type in a percent (enter 40 for 40%) to have only a portion of the account balances to rollup.

We provide as an example the % rollup in the Intermediate II Session. You can view that session on our Forum website or please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com for more information.

How can we get CPE credit?

The MSX Group provides CPE credit for most, if not all, of our training sessions. At the end of any training, you will receive an email confirming the session you attended. You can then submit this document to your local state oversight board for credit. For more information on our training classes and opportunities, please contact us at Training@MSXGroup.com

When you setup in the screen of 'Open Row', I’d like to know if there is a formula that we could use to sum all columns? We currently used C=(D5980+E5980......). But, this method is only allowing us to add up to 39 additional columns.

It’s indeed rare that so many columns in the column layout are needed. It’s also quite rare to use so many GL links in a row format. You can add all, or individual, columns as you noted, but there may be additional ways to more efficiently design the report. For more information and assistance, please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com.

Did Report Manager from Microsoft work better than FRx?

Report Manager was an add-on module to FRx sold separately. It had an excellent design approach to produce reports, including FRx reports and external files like Word/Excel/PPT. However, it was not sold or used by many organizations and didn’t have significant development financing to expand the product. Microsoft Management Reporter, and the MSX Group’s latest financial reporting application solution, Prospero, are tools that have added robust capabilities for producing financial reports.

For more information about Prospero, please contact us at Prospero@MSXGroup.com.

What are the software systems FRx is compatible other than GP?

There are over 40 GL/ERP systems that FRx interfaces with. For a full list, more information, and assistance, please contact us at Info@MSXGroup.com.

How are eliminations done in the consolidation process?

Eliminations can be handled in one of the following manner:

  1. By using the GL with a separate company
  2. By using the GL with separate accounts, or,
  3. By using Excel, which allows FRx to also link to GL data.

Usually, we see companies doing eliminations in the GL.