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Prospero Training

Prospero® is the MSX Group’s independent and robust solution for creating and maintaining your organization’s financial reports. With Prospero, you can create intuitive, accurate, boardroom-quality reports without IT assistance and take advantage of many maintenance-saving tools to create new reports easily. Prospero allows you to use charts and graphs to visually analyze your organization’s performance and provide broader visibility of the data across the organization for key stakeholders.  And, Prospero also provides built-in security to insure secure and controlled access to your organization’s data.  Designed for easy integration with your General Ledger, Prospero allows you to report on data using Microsoft Excel and other sources.

The MSX Group delivers Prospero training using an ERP system independent curriculum, and is designed to enable accountants and finance professionals to take control of their financial reporting needs. All training courses are led by MSX Group Certified Instructors, who bring many years of financial systems and report design experience to the classroom.

MSX Group training classes are primarily offered in the virtual classroom. However, traditional classroom or onsite training can be requested.

MSX Prospero Essentials I - Report Design

This two day hands-on Prospero training course covers the report design skills needed to quickly create, maintain and distribute robust financial reports using MSX Prospero. The course covers fundamental report elements creation as well as design of specific financial report types, such as trial balance reports, balance sheets, and income statements. The course is also developed to allow you to explore the creation or conversion of your specific organization’s financial report types.

The Prospero Essentials I – Report Design training also covers best practices for effectively navigating the application, creating calculations, establishing report formatting, and other topics to increase accuracy, reduce maintenance, and speed development of your organization’s financial reports. High-level Security concepts such as report Visibility and creating new application users is also discussed.

This Prospero training course is ideal for:

  • New Users of Prospero looking to use the product for their organization’s Financial Reporting
  • Consultants who are looking for a new, robust, and well-supported Financial Reporting application for their clients

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This course is currently offered only by specific request as an online virtual training course or onsite. Attendees will receive a training manual and will install the application locally. An MSX Group Certified Instructor will lead the class through the manual during the two-day class schedule. Screen sharing (for virtual classes) will allow attendees to view the instructor’s screen. Audio will be available via a teleconference or via the attendee’s computer microphone and speakers (VOIP). 

Customized Remote/Onsite Delivery

The MSX Group offers training for individual companies that is customized to fit your specific general ledger and budgeting requirements. These training classes may be delivered either onsite or remotely depending on your preference and can follow our standard curriculum as outlined above, or be tailored to meet your specific requirements within your own environment. This is ideal for multiple users and may include a Prospero implementation. Please contact us by email for more information.