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Advanced Budgeting Features

Prospero delivers advanced features to analyze and simplify maintenance of your company’s data for budgeting and forecasting. Need to budget different accounts for different departments or locations? With Prospero, you can quickly and easily assign overrides in your budget or forecast’s Input Definition.

Advanced Features

Prospero’s powerful overrides feature allows you to customize your budgeting and forecasting data input to use different criteria – i.e. segment information, lines, or calculations – which are different than what is used by default. You can quickly define and manage overrides in the budget Input Definition, so you’re able to utilize complex budgets – that aren’t complex to setup or manage. Since you can use an unlimited number of overrides, simply by adding a single override line, you can reuse the same Input Definition however you like.

With Prospero, you have maximum control for managing your budget and your company’s data.

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