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Partner-Branded Prospero Webinars

This page describes the three simple steps to have Prospero® for Financial Reporting and Budgeting demonstrated to your clients. MSX Group does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can provide great information to your customers while utilizing as little of your time and resources as possible.

These Partner-branded Webinars will position you as a trusted advisor and partner for Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting.

A few quick points to put you at ease:

  • MSX Group never sees your client contact information during these webinars. You handle all of that on your side.
  • Your clients are comfortable knowing that you are with them evaluating the pros and cons of Prospero for their organization because you know their company.
  • MSX Group provides the marketing materials, including the PowerPoint presentation files, introductory emails, and follow-up emails, all of which feature your branding\logo.
  • Schedule a 1-hour webinar coordinated with one of our Prospero demonstration experts.
  • Include our Prospero demonstration expert as a co-presenter.
  • Use our recommended title and description (feel free to make changes).
  • Use our marketing bits for social media, newsletters and emails to encourage attendance.

Your part is easy on the big day!

  • Welcome everyone and introduce our Prospero presenter.
  • Ask questions or make comments at any time during the demonstration.
  • Thank everyone for attending with a closing statement.

Recording and posting to your website later helps spread interest.

Follow-up with everyone who registered for the webinar.

  • Find out who is interested in more information.
  • Use our recommended partner-branded emails to thank everyone.
  • Post the webinar to your website if you recorded it.
  • Invite interested prospects to personal, individualized demos of Prospero (which you will manage, and we will co-present).

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