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Microsoft FRx Report Design Essentials I – Report Building Basics

This two day hands on Microsoft FRx training course covers the report design  skills you need to create, maintain and distribute a presentation quality set of  financial reports using Microsoft FRx.  The course covers the creation of the  fundamental financial reports such as trial balance reports, balance sheets,  profit and loss reports, departmental reports, trended reports, side by side  reports, variance reports and expense analysis.  This FRx training course covers  the best practices associated with the power and flexibility of the reporting  tree structures going into detail on when to use reporting trees, how to create  and maintain reporting trees.  Many important tips and tricks are disclosed  related to navigation, calculations, formatting, check totals, and other topics  designed to increase accuracy, reduce maintenance and speed up the monthly  closing process. Students will receive a certificate of completion that can be  submitted for 14 hours of CPE credit.

This FRx training course is ideal for:

  • New Users and Consultants
  • Experienced users who want to increase their report design efficiency
  • Users who are new to a company and have inherited an existing suite of FRx  reports

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