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Microsoft FRx Report Design Essentials II – Advanced Report Building

This two day hands on Microsoft FRx training course covers the topics you need to  gain complete control of your financial reports.  This course is designed for  the experienced user who wants to create a more comprehensive suite of financial  reports or is faced with more challenging report design requirements.  This FRx  training course covers reports such as statements of cash flow, consolidating  reports, reports that include statistical amounts and complex calculations, and  reports that produce allocations.  Also covered are the techniques required to  pull in data from Excel for as either non-financial amounts or budget amounts  used of variance reporting.  Other advanced topics covered include the use of  effective dates for automatic building block selection, relational reporting for  percent of sales type calculations, as well as advance formatting tips and  tricks. Students will receive a certificate of completion that can be submitted  for 14 hours of CPE credit.


This FRx training course is ideal for:

  • Intermediate and Advanced users who wish to gain expert level product  efficiency

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