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Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 Essentials II – Advanced Reporting

This two-day hands-on Forecaster training course builds on the completed  budgeting solution created in Forecaster Essentials I.  Students will create a  series of presentation quality reports that include various income statements,  variance, consolidating, side by side, multiple segment and detail reports.   Students will be exposed to report debugging and maintenance as well as advanced  formatting tips and tricks. This Forecaster training course is ideal  for people who are:

  • Responsible for reports within Forecaster
  • Graduates of the Forecaster Essentials I Class (although not  required)

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This course is currently offered as an online virtual training course.  Attendees will receive a training manual and an installation cd. The attendee  will install the application locally. An MSX Group Certified Instructor will  lead the class through the manual during the two-day class schedule.  Screensharing will allow attendees to view the instructor’s screen. Audio will  be available via a teleconferencing call or via the attendee’s computer  microphone and speakers. At the completion of this two-day class, the attendee  may submit a certificate of completion for 14 hours of CPE credit.