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Management Reporter Q & A (page 3)

Spring 2012 MR User Forum – Questions and Answers

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The following questions were brought up during the Spring 2012 MR User Forum sponsored by the MSX Group. We have provided both the questions, answers and related links for more information on a certain topics.


QUESTION: Can Management Reporter reports be emailed?

ANSWER: Email functions are handled differently in Management Reporter vs FRx. Links can be emailed, but Management Reporter reports cannot be emailed as the Management Reporter Viewer is required.


For more information, please see the following page:



QUESTION: When using email distribution in MR for all departments, will users who have responsibilities in multiple departments receive multiple reports? 

ANSWER: You are distributing one report link. Security controls will determine what is viewable for each user accessing the report.


Please refer to the following Microsoft blog post for additional security details:



QUESTION: Are Management Reporter Row Codes required to be sequential or can row 200 come before row 100?

ANSWER: We would highly recommend the row code numbers be sequential.  Select Edit | Renumber Rows from the menu to renumber rows.


QUESTION: When I renumbered by Row definition it didn’t entirely do it. IS there a limit onthis? 

ANSWER: Management Reporter 2012 does not update row formulas past about 60 characters when using the renumber rows option. This issue has been submitted to Microsoft as a bug. Microsoft has been able to reproduce the problem and has submitted it for a service pack.


QUESTION: Does Management Reporter 2012 allow users to output reports directly to a printer?

ANSWER: In Management Reporter 2012, you must first open the report in the report viewer before printing.


QUESTION: Are charts and graphs only available in Management Reporter 2012? 

ANSWER: Yes, charts and graphs are not available in Management Reporter version 2. Customers must upgrade to MR2012 to take advantage of these features.


For additional information, please see the following post:



QUESTION: Is there a listing of what’s new in Management Reporter 2012 versus Management Reporter v2? 

ANSWER: The Microsoft Dynamics CPM blog site has posted a list of what is new in Management Reporter 2012. The blog post is located athttp://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicscpm/archive/2012/04/04/what-s-new-in-management-reporter-2012.aspx


QUESTION: Is there a User Guide for Management Reporter 2012?  

ANSWER: The online references available under Help in Management Reporter 2012 provide a good resource for information about using Management Reporter.


QUESTION: If you add a comment in a financial statement and then generate that same report again, assuming the file is replaced, what happens to the comment?  If the file is not replaced, is there a way to move the comments over to the updated version or even move the comment to next month’s financial statement? 

ANSWER: You can use the Copy Comment feature to easily copy comments from one report version to another.


QUESTION: I can only connect to one of our two applications because of business connector issues. Is there a solution for this?

ANSWER: This is correct, but Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.


QUESTION: Where do you add a new company connection in Management Reporter 2012? It seems to be in the console, but there is no New button as we had in MR 2.0. 

ANSWER: If you add a company in your GL, it will also import the company setup into Management Reporter 2012.


QUESTION: Where do you change the existing connection to point to a different server? 

ANSWER: Change connections via Management Reporter Services. This is located under View>Connection.



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