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Management Reporter and Forecaster Webinar Video

Below are links to recordings of our Microsoft Management Reporter and Microsoft Forecaster Webinar Series. These recorded sessions are meant to help you get the most out of your investment in these Microsoft legacy products.

Management Reporter Webinars

Management Reporter: Exporting Report Data

Noah Moseley guides you through the features Management Reporter provides to print or export generated reports. This allows for easy distribution of reports to people who do not have access to Management Reporter.
(Recorded: July 2022)

Security, Report Distribution, Graphing and Drilldown

Noah Moseley guides you through the process of securing your data and other security features in Management Reporter. Noah also describes techniques for getting more out of your reports with graphing and drilldown.

Report Building Best Practices

What are the best practices for building Report Definitions, Row Definitions, Column Definitions and Reporting Tree Definitions using Management Reporter? In this webinar, Noah Moseley shares techniques for building great reports with an emphasis on data integrity and ease of maintenance.

Year End Reporting, Audit & Clean Up

In this webinar, Derek Krebs reviews a variety of reports to help with month-end, year-end, auditing, and general financial analysis.

Crash Course – Top 10 Tips

This is a great crash course on reporting for both beginner and experienced users. Come see the top 10 Tips for improving your reporting process. Derek Krebs will share the key features in Management Reporter to bring the EASY button to your reporting and analytics.

Financial Statement Security

Noah Moseley shares techniques for securing report data in Management Reporter.

Tips and Tricks – Great Features you may not know about

Nick Sercer discusses various Features, Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Management Reporter.

Management Reporter: Creative Income Statement Variations

Derek Krebs discusses creative report variations in Management Reporter.

Management Reporter: Demystifying the Cash Flow Statement

Noah Moseley discusses everything you need to create a functional Statement of Cash Flow and other advanced reports in Management Reporter.

Management Reporter: Year-end Reports

Noah Moseley discusses various reports you can create in Management Report to help with the year end process.

Microsoft Management Reporter – Focus on the Columns

Nick Sercer highlights different features and techniques related to Column Definitions including use of Attributes, multi-period columns, start/end dates, and many more.

Microsoft Management Reporter: Top 10 Features to Improve your Reporting, Distribution & Analysis

Derek Krebs reviews features of Management Reporter that can be used to improve your financial reporting processes.

Managemet Reporter – Keeping Track of Your Expenses

Nick Sercer leads a discussion about Management Reporter’s ability to analyze expenses (and all data) in many ways.

Managemet Reporter Security, Distribution and Analysis – Securely and efficiently share and analyze your financial data with users

Noah Moseley leads the discussion about Management Reporter’s security users and group, report library and tree security, drill down, graphs, comments, report groups and much more.

Management Reporter – Advanced Techniques

Nick Sercer explores advanced features of Management Reporter, techniques in report design, and answers your questions

Management Reporter – Tidbits – Great Features you may not know about

Noah Moseley explores some of the many built-in bells and whistles inside Management Reporter, such as sorting data, wildcards and ranges, related rows, transaction-level detail columns, and more.

Management Reporter – Creative Income Statement Variations

Noah Moseley discusses how Management Reporter allows creative control over data presentation. With the income statement such an integral report for accounting and finance, leverage Management Reporter to display the income statement data in multiple formats – each providing easy-to-understand layouts and helping to improve analysis of organizational operations.

Management Reporter – High Level Intro for New Hires

Derek Krebs introduces and demonstrates concepts of Management Reporter that will be helpful to users who are new to the product.

Forecaster Webinars

Microsoft Forecaster: Line Item Details

Noah Moseley helps you learn how to take advantage of Line Item Details within Forecaster. Line Item Details allow budgeters to add supporting detail rows to any account row available for input on the budget input screen. This includes a unique ID, Label, balances and notes. Budgeters may add as many Line Item Detail rows to an account as needed.
(Recorded: July 2022)

Microsoft Forecaster – Finalizing Your 2021 Budget

Noah Moseley helps you learn how to finalize your budget using Forecaster.

Microsoft Forecaster – Forget 2020. Let’s Focus on 2021

Nick Sercer delves into various options Microsoft Forecaster provides for setting up and maintaining your 2021 Budget.

Microsoft Forecaster Top 10 Features to Improve Your Budget Process

Still budgeting in Excel? Avoid those spreadsheet pains and inefficiencies. Noah Moseley discusses the Top 10 “Best Of” features of Microsoft Forecaster to centralize, automate and improve your budgeting and forecasting process.

Microsoft Forecaster – Must Have Reports

Analyzing budget data is a fundamental part of the budget process. Reports are integral to that process. In this webinar, Noah Moseley reviews several reports vital for your budget including Revenue, Expenses, Human Resources and Capital.

Forecaster – Getting Ready to Forecast

Noah Moseley discusses the process of setting up and working on a new forecast version.