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Forecaster Refresher Training

October is almost over and budget season for many companies is in full swing! Whether you’ve been using Forecaster for the last 10 years, or you or someone in your office is new to the software, the MSX Group can help you take greater advantage of your investment in Forecaster with our unique Forecaster Refresher and New Hire training program.


Every member of the MSX Group Education and Implementation Team has over 12 year of experience helping businesses leverage the power and reliability of Microsoft® Forecaster. We’ve conducted thousands of individual and group training sessions on Forecaster, helping businesses accurately forecast their operations and track performance against their budgets.

With employee turnover, there is always a need for training on this critical business application to help your new staff members be more comfortable and productive through the budget process. And in addition, if you’re working on your budget and need assistance, our team of experts is available to provide expert consulting and support through your budgeting process.

For more information please contact us via the following and we will rapidly work to assist you!

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Email: Forecaster-Training@MSXGroup.com