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Management Reporter Consulting

Each MSX Group consultant has over 10 years experience in providing successful financial reporting software solutions, and we bring this experience with us to every engagement.  We have experience in just about every possible scenario where Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be utilized in most industries.


Consulting Options

Management Reporter Quick Start – the most comprehensive solution for new implementation.  Typically a 5 day onsite package designed for the mid to larger size companies. The standard package includes 2 days of classroom style Management Reporter training, immediately followed by 3 days of report design assistance on your production data. We use the 2 day Management Reporter Design Essentials curriculum and immediately follow this up with a best practices approach to architecting your financial reporting package. At the end of one week, Management Reporter is properly configured, users are trained, and the majority of the financial reporting package has been properly architected and created.
FRx Upgrade/Migration – update your current financial reporting package. Get on the latest version and technology by upgrading to Management Reporter. Migrate reports, provide new features and refresher training, and review current reports for possible enhancements.
Enhance Existing Reports – let us show you how to present the right information to the right audience.  Is your CFO looking for multiple variations of a Statement of Cash Flow report?  Perhaps there is non-financial data to be incorporated with your reports and a number of advanced calculations to be performed. Do you still have some reports coming from a spreadsheet that should be coming directly out of Management Reporter? These can include consolidating reports, reports with ratios or KPI calculations, currency translations and reports that include security at the reporting tree unit level.  The MSX Group will design compelling reports and help you provide a more comprehensive financial report package.
Chart of accounts Design – Management Reporter is entirely driven by the company chart of accounts or dimension structure. If you are about to begin a new accounting system implementation or are considering redesigning your existing chart of accounts, there are important design considerations that will maximize the power and flexibility of Management Reporter. A properly designed chart of accounts will save time in setup and maintenance, increase accuracy of amounts, and greatly enhance your financial reports.

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