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Microsoft Forecaster Consulting Services

Many companies are still budgeting with spreadsheet solutions. Although this may provide custom input templates, there are many pitfalls that can be avoided by utilizing software designed specifically for the budgeting and forecasting process.

MSX Group has over 10 years of experience with Microsoft Forecaster and we have implemented Forecaster at more than 1,200 sites worldwide and trained approximately 5,000 students. MSX Group provides customized Microsoft Forecaster Consulting Services to meet your individual needs.


Consulting Options

Forecaster Quick Start – the best and fastest way to ensure a successful new Forecaster implementation. Start off with a remote or onsite planning session with one of our experienced consultants who will drill into your existing budgeting process. We will identify areas of process improvement that Forecaster will facilitate and determine the best way to streamline your budgeting process. We will then work with key members of your budget administration team to implement Forecaster in the most effective manner. At the end of the quickstart, Forecaster will be implemented, your staff trained and your budget cycle ready to begin. This process typically takes between 5-10 days.
Forecaster Refresher Training – the most effective way to begin a new budgeting cycle or to ramp up new staff members. If you are already using Forecaster, then you may need refresher training for the coming budgeting season. If you bring new staff members into the budgeting process, you may need training to ramp up those new people on administering and using Forecaster. This service is offered both remote and onsite and may take as little as 4 hours or as many as a couple days, depending on level of complexity and involvement.
Forecaster Health Check – increase efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind. If Forecaster was implemented by a non-experienced team, or if your budgeting process is more painful than it should be, then a health check is in order. This service can be performed remotely or onsite. Our consultants will drill into your existing process and implementation and determine if best practices are in place or if there are improvements that can be made. In some cases there may by new features found in service packs that can help in this process.
Forecaster Upgrades and Migrations – upgrade from Forecaster 6.7 to 7.0, or migrate your existing implementation to a new environment. Our consulting team can perform these services in the most effective manner to reduce time, keep your existing setup and prepare for the next budget cycle.


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