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FRx Report Reconciliation

  • Check Rows:  Add check rows to the bottom of your FRx row formats.  For example, in an income statement row format add one check row which includes all revenue and expenses (e.g. 4000 to 9999) that equals net income.  You can make this check row no print and add another TOT row which sums your Net Income TOT row and the Check Row.
  • Exception Reporting:  Use the Exception Reporting feature in the FRx Catalog (Report Options | Advanced tab) to report on missing and/or duplicate accounts in the row format.  The exception report can then be seen in DDV under View | Exception Report or under File | Print.
  • Reports that use Trees:  Generate the report with a tree and without a tree to make sure the tree does not miss or duplicate GL data.  The summary unit of the tree should reconcile to the same report that does not use a tree.