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Forecaster 7.0-Web Access on Win2008 and 64-bit

Question:  We installed Web Access on a Windows 2008 server with IIS 7.0. The database

is on a seperate server. In IIS 6 we had to disable anonymous access and

select basic authentication. In IIS 7, we have disabled anonymous access, and

installed basic authentication but do not see where we configure it in IIS.

Do you have any setup instructiosn for IIS 7?


Reply:  Here are the general instructions for installing web access in that

environment. I have included the top part as if this is a 64 bit server you

do have to enable 32 bit mode for the website to work.


Also the minimum service pack to install web access is SP2.


First you must make sure to enable 32 bit mode.

1. Open the IIS Manager and expand the application pool to show the


2. Select the DefaultAppPool and right-click to select Advanced Settings.

3. Select the option “True” to enable 32 bit mode.

4. Stop/restart IIS.

Next make sure that User Account Access is turned off/IIS 6 Compatibility

mode has been installed.

1. Go to Start – Control Panel – User Accounts and turn off the User Account


2. Launch the server manager by going to Start – Administrative Tools –

Server Manager

3. Expand the Roles node and click on Web Server (IIS)

4. Wait for the population of the sections and navigate to the Role Services


5. By default the IIS6 compatibility options are not installed. You can

click on the icon to install these services.

6. A reboot of the server is required.


Now the Forecaster application can be installed.

1. Uninstall any Forecaster components that are pre-installed.

2. Run the RTM installation without the web access option selected.

3. Run the SP2 installation.

4. Run the SP2 installation again by going into the Control Panel – Programs

and Features. This time you should see the option to modify (add/remove),

repair and uninstall.

5. Select to add/remove Web Access and next.

6. Enter your virtual name without spaces and leave the default port selected.

7. Go to Start – Programs – Microsoft Forecaster 7 folder and select

Database Registration Tool.

8. Populate the tool with the information to connect to your database, save

and test.

9. Open Internet Explorer and type the URL as servername//virtual directory.

10. You must add this website to the trusted sites by going to Tools –

Internet Options – Security – Trusted Sites.

11. Relaunch Internet Explorer again and you should get the login box for

your web site.

12. You might get a certificate error, in which case you need to run through

the wizard to add the certificate to the trusted root folder. Be sure to

select this trusted folder rather than using the defaults.


First in the IIS Roles Manager, you want to make sure that they have

installed the authentication method. It is an individual role. You may need

to recycle IIS after making any change to the role services that are

installed. Once installed, You will highlight your website and look at the

authentication page on the lower screen. Then you want to make sure only

basic authentication is selected.


Since the database is on a separate server, and they are using windows

authentication, they will get that login box to authenticate on the server I

think before logging into Forecaster Web. If they continue to get that box,

they have to setup kerberos authentication so the credentials are passed