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Prospero Security is a multi-layered security system which allows you to select which data and reports are available to which users.

In Prospero, you are provided with a comprehensive set of pre-defined system Roles allowing you to group users into similar functions and feature sets, and making it easy to enable or disable functionality for all members of the role.

Prospero also allows you to create as many Roles as you need allowing you to customize your system to fit the needs of your organization.

Prospero’s Assignments feature allows you to define which pieces of your chart of accounts can be viewed by individual users. You can define specific items or use wildcards to define ranges of items the users can see.

You can also take advantage of Prospero’s Trees to grant assignment to segments of your business, so users can view data for their assigned segment items — but not for others in the organization.

Prospero’s Report Visibility option allows non-Administrator users control who can view and run reports. For each specific Report Definition, you can also limit the visibility of specific reports so only certain users – or users within a specific security Role – can see, modify, or run the reports.

Prospero’s secure Sign-On requires users to log in before they gain access to any part of the system. Also, you can use Windows Logins to control access or you can require a username and password. Prospero allows you to mix and match for what fits the security needs of your organization – because you’re in control.

Without requiring extensive IT resources, Prospero Security puts control in your hands – allowing you to control who has access to the system, features, and functionality of the application.


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